Most Magic isn’t Big

So over the course of the waxing moon, as you read in the previous blog post, I’ve been doing a money magic spell. I did it every night before bed, with the exception of the burying I only did that the very first time. I put all my positive energies into it, and I willContinue reading “Most Magic isn’t Big”

Moon magic

The moon plays a powerful role in magick and the world at large.  Mysterious and dark, ahh love the moon. Magick can be enhanced by  candles color, herbs, incense (all manners of symbolism) but none quite as much as the moon.  The waxing moon will aide in bringing things to you.  Attract wealth, increase careerContinue reading “Moon magic”

Exploring and coming out

Identifying as a witch,  a believer in Magick and nature worship,  came early and easy for me.  I think I was eight or none the first time I tried (pretended) I was summoning a fire spirit.  The countless games where I was always the sorcerer.  I couldn’t tell you how much was just destined MagickContinue reading “Exploring and coming out”