Love Oil


Last week I wrote about infused oils. Here is an infused oil I recently made. They don’t have to be as full. It can just be one or two oils for a distinct purpose.

*I am a believer in the rule of three, I do not practice rituals that go against people’s wills and wishes (in nearly all situations..) It is a powerful mix though to bring love to you or enhance the love you have.  This could be a tincture,  I chose an oil so that I could turn it into a massage oil for my husband and I.  This can also be used to annoint candles for use in love, relationship and fertility magic.

Blessed Be

Published by Tamara Collins

My passion, my life purpose, is helping others becoming the best versions of themselves. This includes finding their passion and purpose, limiting their hang-ups, and building them up personally and professionally. Through coaching and consultation, I help business and individuals to reach higher and shine brighter.

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