5 ways to know if a spell is right

I spent many years reading and studying, take notes from various practioners. Many of whom I still follow and study today.  Of all things,  I felt most in love with candle magick. I find candle light romantic,  spooky,  other worldly and most of all calming.  I learned which colors to use for what,  when a certain spell should be cast, which items should be used. ..All the finer points of witch crafting. Now as time has gone on and I have become closer to myself,  I have finally figured out how to tell if it’s the right time for a ritual and if it’s doing what it should.  I figured I would share them with you. 

1. You will feel compelled to cast the spell. Something inside will call out to you that is is time for magick. More specifically a certain spell or at the very least type of spell will draw you. (If you are new or tongue-tied like I was you may still need to look up your spells). Tonight for example I felt the urge strong. The candles I needed, the words the rocks the location…All if it came to me as I cast the spell on my heart with little thought as they came from my lips. Not the way I normally do it or tools I use but right tonight.

2. When ritual time comes and you firm your circle you will feel empowered and calm.  This is one way to tell you are yapping into the Goddess and in tune with your own energies.


3. Early on and when you are new to casting some if it may feel clumsy or awkward, but even in these stages it will feel right. Each movement or line coming together like a beautiful puzzle.

4. You will be able to clearly envision the results of your spell and the outcome you desire. Your energy so focused on the intent it’s as though you see the future you have just created.

5. You will feel at peace, alive and passionate. You will feel heard and validated by the Goddess and the Universe. At completion you will feel strong and calm.

Blessed be and Happy Casting

Published by Tamara Collins

My passion, my life purpose, is helping others becoming the best versions of themselves. This includes finding their passion and purpose, limiting their hang-ups, and building them up personally and professionally. Through coaching and consultation, I help business and individuals to reach higher and shine brighter.

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