Happy Solstice!!

I have set my altar, created my bonfire and written my blessings.


Summer Solstice is a time for clarity,  purification,  healing and beginning of a new phase or chapter. Transformations.

Write your prayers on a slip of paper, things you want to start or end. Bring to fruition. Visualize and see this reality. Once you have a clear vision light your prayers on fire in the ritual fire. Imagine your wishes being carried to the Goddess with the smoke of the fire. See this reality and hold it in your heart. Thank the Goddess for hearing your prayer and give thanks for what had come already. 


Altars don’t have to be fancy!!

Happy Litha and Blessed Be!!

Published by Tamara Collins

My passion, my life purpose, is helping others becoming the best versions of themselves. This includes finding their passion and purpose, limiting their hang-ups, and building them up personally and professionally. Through coaching and consultation, I help business and individuals to reach higher and shine brighter.

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