To Bring Abundance 

I had a crazy clarity in thought this morning and vision for my life.  Like a crazy ah ha moment.  In light of that, I thought I’d take advantage of the still waxing pre-full moon to speak and manifest abundance into my new endeavors.  Waxing moons are the time to bring things in,  start new things, and call abundance and blessings into reality.  

When I was picking wood (we just cleared a bunch of wood and brush from our backyard) I was drawn to the lilac tree that fell last week. So I made my ritual fire of the Lilac tree (I even put aside a perfect piece to try and make my own wand!), a few Applewood pieces, and a few sprigs from a pine tree. You don’t have to get fancy or have special woods unless a particular ritual calls for it. Some woods or items though do carry certain types of energy and will enhance magick of that variety. It’s not necessary though.  Your power is within you already. 

*side note- Oh my Goddess! Have to stop my blog post for a minute…

I was typing this and thought I would look up lilac wood and it’s magick properties… Lilac brings the root energy of expansion and growth. Sacred to Mercury whose domain is wiring, speech,  song,  reason, and travel. It is well suited for magick of attraction,  imagination,  information,  concentration, and intellectual pursuits.  

Wand Woods

I wasn’t going to get personal but now I have to share the story and what I was asking for.  When I was talking about clarity today it was this; I decided to take the leap and open my consulting company.  I created a landing page and outline for 3 courses I will offer. I also determined to write an EBook and publish it.  I was manifesting my success in these creative pursuits, and thanking the Goddess for revealing my path. (Lilac wood was drawn to and for me!!! 🙆 WTF!) 

It’s been 6 months since my last abundance ritual.  On the New Moon I planted my desires, I asked for guidance and some security in my finances  (I’m talking getting evicted and shot shut offs and food boxes) and to become a fuller better version of myself.  By the full moon I was introduced to a part time business with ItWorks. Fast forward to now I’m earning an average of 500$ a month extra with it. It changed everything and I thank the Goddess daily for my blessings.  I also asked for that business to excel to fund my start up.  I thanked the Gods and the Universe in advance for bringing me wealth,  and the freedom to pursue my dreams and passions.   Anyhow now that I’m not so geeked out in love by the signs I was given I’ll get back to the rituals I did and you can do for manifesting in your life. 

Orange peel spell

Oranges are bright, and inviting they connect to attraction,  personal strength,  power,  adapting, luck and shown changes.  Orange oil is common in abridge and self love magick.  Many people use it though for Career spells (as I did) because it’s an action color. This includes anointing with Orange oil or oil baths, satchels. .etc. I was far more simple in this quick ritual.  

I grabbed an orange, regular size,  and a Sharpie. On the peel off the Orange I wrote the things I wanted to draw into my life: wealth, game,  jobs,  power,  work,  love,  light,  family and fun.  Holding the orange I felt the words and thoughts filling the fruit from the peel.  Collecting that energy from the universe and pulling it right into the orange in my hand.  I envisioned the fruit now being full of power and the energy of all those things bursting inside the orange ready for the taking.  

At my ritual fire,  I peeled the orange and threw the pieces onto the flames.  As I watched the peels begin to shrivel and burn I spoke:

To the Goddess I send out my request, as this burns so does my passion.  All I seek, you have available and ready for me.  I ask now to claim it. You are gracious and divine.  

With the pieces of peel, I would think about the requests written on the peel. I envisioned what my life looks like with those pieces now firmly in place.  Complete this meditation until the orange is completely peeled. 

The energy you called into the fruit is now exposed and ready.  The Gods made it available and you have manifested it in the orange you hold.  

Goddess, thank you for the blessings you provide and the abundance of nature. You have filled this gift with source energy and the abundance  that I am seeking, you have placed before me to claim.  I am humble.  You are gracious. 

I then ate the orange feeling that energy flow into my body.  That power flowinf through and connects to my nerves,  my muscles and bones before filing and fusing to each cell in my body.  The future and life I requested my body can now receive. I am ready. 

Once I felt fully alive and empowered,  I focused on my new life and the success I would have,  how it would now be different. Until a clear vision was revealed to me.  Once firmly in place I thanked the Goddess for ask she has given me and thanked her for continuing to provide. 

I let the ritual fire contributer to burn very low and tampted it down to coals before going inside.  

Once inside I completed my ritual by lighting a green candle asking for wealth and money to be further drawn to me. I thanked the Goddess for  bringing success to me.  

This candle burns bright,  and into the night.  Green like money, the candle glows. With its light, my fortune grows, free from worry, free from woes. As I will it, so mote it be and Goddess willing multiply it by three

Everyone does what feels right to them.  This was mine tonight. Then Full Moon thanks tomorrow. If you like this feel free to use it. Sorry I got rambly lol. 


Published by Tamara Collins

My passion, my life purpose, is helping others becoming the best versions of themselves. This includes finding their passion and purpose, limiting their hang-ups, and building them up personally and professionally. Through coaching and consultation, I help business and individuals to reach higher and shine brighter.

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