Flower Moon Intentions

Spring is a time for growth, for renewal.  The full Flower Moon is a great moon for intention and abundance rituals, and to plant your seeds.  This particular moon I chose to do a release ritual and an intention blessing.  Prior to moon rise I went through the house and gathered every single bill  I have (routine and debts) and there are many and tons of duplicates.  Not sure why I had so many months of bill copies stacked up.  I placed them in my fire pit and lit it up.  My ritual was simple and not thought out. 

Take this burden off my chest

my financial mess please put to rest

Burn it up and quick and let it fade

Bring to me a life that’s made

let the ashes gather and make the way

For a new life, and wealth, on a bright new day

It serves as a base for riches made

A path to grow I have here made

Let this burden burn and feed the flame

Of the riches I deserve and soon will claim 

My fire is bright and my soul now free

As I will it, so mote it Be. 

From the fire of my bills I lit a new fire of early twigs and some green branches. I visualized my wealth, success and future being ignited by my debt ridden and heavy past that was now burning away quickly and no giving rise to a new fire and light. I envious my pain and stress from debt being burnt up by the Goddess and a new path coming my way. 

I continued to tend my fire until all evidence of paper was gone and nothing but hot coals remained. I threw in a cinnamon stick as an offering to bring about wealth and satisfaction. 

Then closed by spending 10 minutes listening for any instruction that may come as to how to bring about this fortune the Universe has for me. 

What was your Full Moon intent?

Published by Tamara Collins

My passion, my life purpose, is helping others becoming the best versions of themselves. This includes finding their passion and purpose, limiting their hang-ups, and building them up personally and professionally. Through coaching and consultation, I help business and individuals to reach higher and shine brighter.

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