Happy Beltane!

Oh, this one is one of my very favorites!!! Our lovers have been apart for the long winter and they are finally coming together in their sacred union and the rebirth of the world. This is a holiday of the union, a celebration of the divine balance in the union of masculine and feminine. Having reached maturity through their long separation, Lord and Lady now come together as one. It honors fertility, abundance, sex, and the growth of everything beautiful on Earth.

Simple ritual ideas

Beltane Fire-

This is a fire ceremony (aren’t all the really good ones?). Light yourself a ritual fire somewhere safe. Dance, sing, drink and be merry either alone, with your partner, your coven or with a large group of friends and family. Celebrate what is to come and the abundance on the way. The union of yin and yang and the restoration of the balance of the world.

Here are some great suggestions from the Sage Goddess

Beltane celebrations to make your own

  • Decorate your sacred space or altar in vibrant, living color. Use roses and flowers in rainbow hues, and gems and minerals in varying colors and shapes.
  • Burn lilac and frankincense. My perfume blend, The Rite, was created just for igniting a sexual fire for Beltane.
  • Craft your own sacred maypole using found wood, rainbow ribbons, and topped with a quartz point or other beautiful gem from your collection. Place this on your altar.
  • Sit in meditation. Ask yourself, and your guides, what it would look like for the garden of your soul to burst fully into bloom, a thousand of your dreams like flowers spreading their glorious multi-colored petals? Visualize your fire and your blooming in as much detail as possible, and then take the actions needed to bring those visualizations into reality.
  • If you’re looking to attract your twin flame, light a purple or green candle on the evening before May 1, and again on May 1 night, while you visualize that relationship coming into your life, asking that it manifest for the highest good of all.

I can say that I really like the one about thinking about your life in full bloom. Creative visualization and manifestation are the greatest gifts a witch has at her disposal and the easiest to use.

This is my ritual that I have created and that I use:

Set up your alter indoors adorned with A potted tree or plan or you could do your ritual under an outside lives tree and set up your alter under the tree.

Just like every ritual I recommend a cleaning bath prior to your ritual. For Beltane, I will place dried or live flowers in my bath to feel more in touch with nature and the process. I dress in a flowy or flower dress or robe something that makes me feel flowy and rich or something that makes me feel like a regal Goddess.

Altar supplies include:

A representation of the Horned God and the Goddess. Candles (White, Green, Red, Silver are recommended as Beltane colors) Spring decorations, flowers, crystals, bright cloth, and ribbon. A drink of some type for your ritual beverage. Sweet bread or cake offering. Athame or wand. A Maypole. (A staff, piece of PVC pipe, a stick, or even a wrapping paper tube will do) As well as colored ribbon.

Once my altar is set indoor or under the tree (this year I will be indoors). I will ground myself and begin.

Cast the Circle:

Open your arms, palms facing out. With each in-breath, visualize yourself pulling down pure, divine light through your crown, and as you breathe out you channel this light out through your palms to create a protective shield around you. Now hold your athame or wand or arm outstretched (the one you write with) and point to the edge of the circle. Spin around clockwise three times, mentally marking out your circle with the divine light. Then raise your arms above your head and say:

“I ask that the God and Goddess bless this circle

So that I may be free and protected within this space

So mote it be”

Call out the Corners:

Welcome East, power of Air!
Intuition, knowledge and wisdom,
Come and send forth your inspiration,
And be here now in the Spirit of Beltane

Welcome South, power of Fire!
Energy, heat and flame,
Come and send forth your passion,
And be here now in the Spirit of Beltane

Welcome West, power of Water!
Emotions, love and courage,
Come and send forth your tranquillity,
And be here now in the Spirit of Beltane

Welcome North, power of Earth!
Stability, structure, and growth
Come and send forth your strength,
And be here now in the Spirit of Beltane

***Note- Normally I am easy- take it as you feel it. This is a fully laid out and more traditional style ritual. It is really about what you feel and how you would like to celebrate**

Your food and drink offering should be on your altar and candles lit as well as your incense.

Take your athame or wand in your right hand and chalice (cup) in the left in front of you. These are the representations of the dieties.

This night we greet and celebrate the union of the Lord and Lady, the marriage of the God and the Goddess.

May their union be fertile and productive (lower the athame into the chalice to symbolize the union of the two)

As they are one, we become one with them as well.

Mother Goddess, Queen of the Earth and the moon

Horned God, King of the Sun and the Forest

Let us rejoice in your union and the blaze of light and life abuzz around us.

Accept our gifts s tribute and thanks.

From your lovers embrace new life shall abound

New creatures shall cover the lands and the winds will blow sweet and pure

with the perfumes of new blooms bursting into life

My our lives in the coming months also abound with renewed life and purpose

flowers of promise and abundance bringing a new life into view

Now take your colored ribbons and wrap them on the Maypole you have chosen while mediating what you would like to bring into your life over the next few months. Think about your hopes and dreams as flowers and light that will spring up into the world so long as you nurture and care for them.

To close the ceremony:

May the Spirits of this Place have been nourished as much as their presence has nourished us. God and Goddess, we give you thanks. This celebration ends in peace as it began. May the blessings we have received go with us all as we depart this place, to nourish, strengthen and sustain us until we meet again. So mote it be!

At this point offer some of your chosen drink into the potted plant as well as some crumbles from your cake. Then take some of each for yourself. to close the ritual.

Published by Tamara Collins

My passion, my life purpose, is helping others becoming the best versions of themselves. This includes finding their passion and purpose, limiting their hang-ups, and building them up personally and professionally. Through coaching and consultation, I help business and individuals to reach higher and shine brighter.

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