Realizing your Callings



With so much happening in the world around us, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, especially you empaths out there. Many people are out of work, struggling to keep their sanity and heads above water. I have 5 boys and working at home and homeschooling has been a new experience to be sure. I will say though, I truly feel blessed to be at home right now and feel that we have been given an opportunity.

I am spending more time in my craft. I am exploring what makes me happy and taking a bit of time to hold space for others seeking to heal and explore their own callings. The longer I stay at home the more I feel as though I want to continue to work from home and not have to go back to an office setting. Fortunately, I know several people who are working and creating businesses at home that I can lean on with questions.

Something I have been considering, why not turn my passion in the craft into a profession? Share what I know, share my readings, share my tinctures and rituals? This is a big business and niche for sure. Then I ask you, why couldn’t you do the same thing also?  Just because it is not traditional doesn’t make it less needed or sought after. If it was more common buying supplies and tools and decorations wouldn’t be so damn expensive.

I am going to take this opportunity to see about turning my soul passion into a profit. What about you?


Published by Tamara Collins

My passion, my life purpose, is helping others becoming the best versions of themselves. This includes finding their passion and purpose, limiting their hang-ups, and building them up personally and professionally. Through coaching and consultation, I help business and individuals to reach higher and shine brighter.

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