Working with the Moon

Most witches will tell you they have always felt drawn to the moon and to the darker side of things. This is because the moon is connected to the Goddess, and to the feminine divine. It draws all of us. The moon helps to create powerful magic in our lives and drives intense manifestations. There are ways to use the power of the moon to make your spell work more powerful.

Knowing what moon phase you are in will aide to the power you are able to pull from it.

New Moon-

This is the time we plant new seeds for the things we desire. A time to breathe new life into any area of stagnation or any place in your life where you would like to see big changes.

Waxing Moon-

Now is the time to look at the challenges you currently face and make decisions about how you want to proceed. Look at the intention you set in your New Moon ritual and what you may need to adjust to reach that intention. Journal about how you can course correct.

Full Moon- The full moon accentuates everything that you’ve been working on during the waxing phase. It is the time when our energy is at our highest, and also a time to reflect on what the full moon brings up for you. Get outside at night and let the light of the moon shine upon you. Let her light nourish your soul. Check out the page for Full Moon rituals if you are looking for a new idea.

Waning Moon- After the full moon, while the light of the moon wanes, it’s essential to consider what you need to release. During this phase, reflect on what is blocking you from receiving your desired outcome. There is a call to go within yourself and do the inner work. Particularly during this time, our emotions are encrypted with messages regarding where we need to speak up or perhaps make changes in our lives. Listen intently for direction and guidance and write them down.

Check out this book of Moon Spells for some inspiration

Here is a beautiful moon phase tapestry also 😍

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